Get To Know Us… Who we are, where we live, and what we do

we are up 2We want you to know us – the very real human beings behind the logo of Malone Air. This section is designed to eventually let you see as much as possible about who we are, where we live and what we do through the venue of 10-15 planned videos posted right here in the Clear to Fly section of our stand alone website: a small “oasis” (from the usual advertising hype) intentionally set apart from our more traditional website (

Malone Air (MAC) is a local (to Jacksonville, FL) family business with a remarkably successful track record in a highly competitive professional arena – one that is filled with aviation companies with much bigger budgets and scopes of operation than ours. We go “head-to-head” with these much bigger fellas everyday in competing for business, and we are determined to take a backseat to no other aviation company in setting a standard of excellence, regardless of their size or financial backing. We have a BIG vision and a highly-structured plan to become, through MERIT, superiority of CORPORATE CULTURE, determined FOCUS on our goals, and a NETWORK OF WISE SUPPORTING FRIENDS, a global operation that will absolutely provide a safe, reliable and thoroughly enjoyable air charter experience for all those great folks who may choose to ride with us and to share the adventure of where we are headed.

This site is designed to draw you into our world; to get you to become aware that something very unique and really interesting is beginning to take shape at Jacksonville Executive Airport at Craig Field. This website will be a progressively changing and expanding picture of our growing vision. This site will be the vehicle by which others will catch the dream of Malone Air. We are building something truly worthwhile and unique. Watch us. Hold us accountable to our purpose. We are up to something good. Come be a part of our world.

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