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Thanks for coming aboard this unique little site. We are a professional air charter company that has been in business quite successfully for over ten years, but that is not what this little “oasis” is really about. You can see the more traditional approach to Malone Air Charter through the link on this site (www.maloneaircharter.com) or by going there directly yourself. This brief, light-hearted stop on the internet highway represents how we hope you come to see us: as friends committed to helping you attain your travel objectives and to having a wonderful, relaxed time while doing it…. or even as a place for you to bring your family if a son or daughter just wants to “look at some planes”.  Hang around our site for a little while and you’ll know us well enough to think of us as friends…or at least I hope you will. So, welcome to our video version of our Passenger Welcome Center which is – in reality-  a beautiful, airy, well-appointed place that’s intended to remind our guests and employees of a control tower offering a view of blue skies and white clouds – things that bring to mind Air Force Captain John Gillespie Magee’s lines from his epic poem, High Flight:

“Oh I’ve slipped the surly bonds of earth and danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings…”

Other lines speak of “footless halls of air” and of “the tumbling mirth of sun-split clouds”. For those of us at Malone Air, the God-given opportunity to spend time aloft in the skies is a wonderful blessing and we are grateful to have a chance to be part of it everyday. We want to express a little of the joy and fun that goes with aviation through this humorous little “oasis”. We hope to pull you into our circle of friends, to help you feel at home with us; to encourage you to hop aboard one of our Magic Carpets here at Malone Air and go somewhere meaningful; to do something  “outside-the-box” that will refresh your spirit. Our fish tanks in the lobby are reminders to us of the human need to slow down a bit and to dream a little. We all work hard and are pressed on all sides by family, work, social and other demands that keep us a bit more focused on all the tasks at hand than sometimes we should be. Let this “oasis” get you to take a little time to think about the “what ifs” of your life and then the “why not just do its”.

If you are already a corporate client or a private citizen that uses our services, then I hope this site will help you better know the people and the spirit behind the flight uniforms, mechanics suits, marshaling wands or office equipment here at Malone. We are sincerely your friends and we are privileged to serve you. We want to remind you that every time you look out the window of one of our aircraft you are blessed to share a panorama second to none: “footless halls of air” or the wonder of hovering “high in the sunlit silence”.  We really do like our jobs and our company. And we want you to continue to hang out in our circle of friends (all genuinely likeable people and businesses)…or come become one yourself, if you are just getting to know us. Welcome to our Reception Center.

At Malone, we really do not take ourselves all that seriously; we save that for our passenger-friends, their safety and their comfort.

And one more thing from each of us in the wonderful world of aviation:


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