Hot Issues

There are many things that we are passionate about here at Malone Air Charter from the safety of our aircraft to the comfort of our passengers. Nothing matters more to us than the well-being of the people who trust us to carry them to their destination. But when we aren’t taking care of the people who fly with us in the air, we are actively taking care of the community around our operations on the ground. Malone Air Charter is proud to call Craig Airport “home”, as well as the neighborhood surrounding it. Jacksonville is a remarkable city and Malone works hard to make a positive and meaningful impact in our hometown. Sometimes that means rolling up our sleeves and serving our neighbors. Other times it means taking a stand on issues that matter to us. Here are some of the “hot issues” that we are thinking about right now.

10/07/2013    Why The Extension of Runway 14/32 at Craig Airport Must Happen Right Now

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