JAXEX High Achievers Visit Malone Air Charter

April 3, 2014



JAXEX at Craig Airport is a facility for everyone. Its size and location are perfect to provide innumerable opportunities for the citizens of Jacksonville and for small businessmen, the real job providers of our American economy. Unfortunately, up until now its value has been largely overlooked, misunderstood or grossly undervalued by both the politicians and people of Jacksonville. Malone Air Charter wants to help correct that; to help JAXEX at Craig Airport reach its real potential, so that revenue from its operations under JAA will dramatically increase and that more jobs for those who need them will be generated.


The first step of improving the whole situation is to extend the primary runway 14/32 at Craig so that it is consistent with the business airport runways in all other major U.S. cities. That issue is discussed thoroughly in this Hot Issues section of our website and we urge you to become familiar with it. There is, however, a second and equally critical step that must be taken. It is illustrated by this video on the High Achievers program sponsored by our airfield manager, Tiffany Gillem, and fully supported by Malone Air Charter: GET THE WORD OUT!


As Mayor Brown declared on February 1, 2014 at the Urban Education Symposium, it is agencies of the local community that will help solve several critical social issues involving our youth. Craig airport – YOUR airport – and the businesses on it offer something to our young people about which most of them are completely unaware: a career path in the vital industry of aviation. Tiffany’s High Achiever program is a way to show kids a wonderful world that is completely available to them – NOW! – and that there are good people ready and willing to show them how to access it IF they want to and are willing to go for it. Watch as several groups of young people – many of whom have never been inside an airplane – learn about those things that go on at JAXEX at Craig Airport every day. Our intention is that – in watching – you will become aware of just how vital the business aviation world is to our local economy and just why Craig airport offers such great potential as a valuable resource to all the citizens of Jacksonville – not just a select few.


Perhaps through this video montage, we will begin to get out a new message that has been an old truth for a long time. JAXEX at Craig airport is an underutilized resource that will absolutely bless all residents of this city… if and when it is allowed to develop to its full potential. Enjoy!

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