Video #1: Behind the Scenes at Malone Air Charter

July 18, 2013

This video “kicks it all off”. We hope you enjoy the humorous little “twist” we included. The intention is just to say that we don’t really take ourselves all that seriously. We reserve that for our passengers, their safety and their comfort. The backbone of any good company is good people – and at MAC – good people are all we have. By introducing you to “Lineguy” and by making him and one of our mechanics the focus of these first few videos, we hope to let you see that at MAC our corporate culture is aimed at team building; that we recognize that every employee plays a critical role in the success of our company. Often it is easy to overlook the important contributions that those behind the scenes play. By putting Lineguy and That Mechanic (you’ll meet him in Video #2) front and center we are letting you know that we appreciate everyone on the team and we value the contributions of those who really do have the toughest, most demanding jobs. These video segments are intended to be entertaining and humorous, but there should be a clear and unmistakable message from each of them. Hope you get that message. Enjoy.

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