Video #2: Meet the Malone’s

July 18, 2013

This video is intended to literally show you why we are truly a “Mom and Pop” business. While Scott and Mindy Malone are the founders and the visionaries behind MAC, Hayden and Irene Malone came aboard to quietly help birth the dream. As you will see in this touching interview conducted by Pastor Jarrod Williams, it is the stalwart patriarch and matriarch of the Malone family that built the beautiful facility we live in. Hayden and Irene have now retired from active involvement with MAC, but they have left an indelible mark on the spirit and the culture of our “family” business. We, also, introduce the character, THAT Mechanic, as a humorous way to let you see the quality people behind the scenes. Ryan Aringdale, That Mechanic, is a Navy veteran and an excellent family man (that’s actually one of his four sons in the video). We have him display the eternal rivalry that exists in every aviation department between the pilots and the mechanics as to who really does the important work. Hope you catch the intended message of this video, too. Enjoy!  Malone Air Charter is a very good family with a very bold dream. This video will introduce you to the namesake of our company, the Malone family, and how their vision for a charter jet company took flight.

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