Video #4: A Family Affair

July 18, 2013

This video segment focuses on the two people who are truly responsible for the Malone Air Charter organization that exists today. Scott and Mindy Malone have succeeded in building and sustaining a top drawer air charter business in an environment that is one of the most competitive and challenging in the transportation industry. Their teamwork as husband and wife and their strong connection to loyal employees and wise, mentoring associates is a worthy model for anyone seeking to build a successful endeavor. There’s a bit of humor in this one, too, playing off the “bigger than life” image most chief pilots (that would be Scott) have in the eyes of their subordinate aviators, but a little “good fun aside”, watch and listen carefully as Scott and Mindy discuss all the challenges of running a 24/7 operation and of how they speak about all those who have helped along the way. You will meet Jim Johnson, the senior most pilot in our company, and will hear the amazing story of the friendship and mutual support Scott and Jim have shown during the most challenging moments of their association. And if you don’t get the idea from the dialogue that Mindy really does run the company, our little bit of fun at the end should make the point. Malone Air Charter has one of the best “human” stories I’ve ever known behind the sign on the building that says Malone Air Charter. Hope you enjoy our video effort and gain a new appreciation for what a “family business” can really entail.

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