Video #5: It All Begins with Trust

July 18, 2013

In this video you will have a chance to meet two people who are very much integral cords of the fabric of Malone Air. One actually owns a jet under our FAA on-demand charter license; even serves from time to time as a highly-qualified First Officer on the CJ1 when his busy professional schedule permits…or the yearning to fly becomes too much for him to bear. The other person is literally The Voice of Malone Air. Aaron Jensen (actually a gal in spite of how she spells her name)is the voice most people hear when they call to coordinate a flight with us. As you will see in our video, Aaron is as personable and competent in reality as she sounds on the phone and the trust relationships she has built with all the travel planners for the companies we serve has helped us to consistently meet the needs of folks with very demanding schedules.


Ron Turner is a talented, successful and professionally recognized engineer whose success in life has enabled him to own the little “sportscar” in our fleet, the Citation CJ1. It’s perfect for that quick trip to New Orleans, Nashville or Nassau when 2-3 people really need to get somewhere quickly and conveniently. As a multi-faceted man of many talents, we wanted you to meet Ron and to hear from him personally why it makes sense for highly successful people like him (and for “up and coming” businesses seeking to take it to the next level) to purchase an aircraft, then let Malone Air Charter do all the work of operating, maintaining and keeping your jet in full compliance with all FAA regulations…then to earn some money for your aircraft operations. It makes great sense and Ron tells you why.


Aaron’s dad is a Delta Airlines captain and she has followed in his steps. A private pilot herself, Aaron loves the world of aviation and spends her time  managing all the flights Malone Air generates for our clients. She is quite probably the best known employee at Malone Air, since she is the one who  “gets it all started” when people call us seeking to go somewhere. Along with Erik Jones, Aaron – our Charter Manager –  is the one who sets the tone for how the trip will go…and all our flights are aimed at exceeding expectations. We thought you’d like to see the high-quality professionals who help our owner-partners (like Ron Turner) keep their aircraft busy so…meet the talented Mrs. Jensen. We want others to join with our current owner-partners and put their aircraft resources under the management of a company that “hangs out” with great people like Ron and Aaron.


A private aircraft is a force multiplier and can be surprisingly affordable when professionally managed and placed under our Part 135 operation (when the aircraft is not needed by the owner). It really is a win-win situation. Hope you enjoy the video.

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