Video #6: Vacations With a Purpose

July 18, 2013

In this video we introduce the idea of Vacations With a Purpose with a brief look at a joint effort between Dr. Angela Britt,  a world class reconstructive dentistry professional, and Malone Air Charter, the company privileged to take Dr. Britt’s patients from their homes across the United States to her wonderful facilities in The Golden Isles of southeast Georgia. The concept of Vacations With a Purpose (VWAP), as it was originally conceived at Malone Air, was to cause a paradigm shift in casual air travel by introducing the idea of going somewhere and doing something really worthwhile; something that would absolutely make a difference in not only one person’s life but in many lives during what folks usually call, a vacation.  In a few of our soon-to-be-seen videos, you’ll find a few examples of VWAP the Malone way.


Dr. Angela Britt had a very similar idea in mind and reached out to us to birth her version: to bring people who need and want to change their dental circumstances to her state-of-the-art facility to get a “new look” even while their families refreshed their minds and bodies close by. Over the course of a few days of gentle, wonder-working procedures by a dentist certified to do what only a very few professionals in the world are able to do, something else wonderful could take place.  Because her offices are located in some of the most beautiful, exclusive and historically significant coastal areas of America, Dr. Britt realized that her patients could bring their family and/or friends along for a restful interlude in the best kept secret in America: the Golden Isles of Georgia. Many great leaders of the world think enough of the opulent splendor and the top drawer facilities of the southeast Georgia area to meet here frequently for major world conferences amid the serenity of the marshlands and the uncluttered, sugar-white beaches. With family and friends refreshed and the patient sporting a “new look”, the group would then be whisked back from whence they came by the same professional crew and gleaming business jet that picked them up the first time – a well-done Vacation with a Purpose.


The video montage available in Video #6 is a photographic documentation of the day that VWAP (Malone) met VWAP (Britt). We wanted you to see the interaction of two women-owned and women-led businesses that have joined together in a common purpose: simply to do something really good for other people. We hope you enjoy the photographic montage of the day two ideas gained common purpose. We hope many good people will catch on to the idea and begin to think about their own VWAP. For all those who are putting off significant and necessary dental “remodeling”, Dr. Angela Britt and her staff have a great answer for you. And Captain Leigh McIntosh and First Officer Ian Van Asche are standing by to take you there in our Beechjet 400. Welcome to VWAP!

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