1WBOB LOGO bMalone Air Charter is pleased to advertise with our friends at WBOB, AM 600 in Jacksonville, FL. The association with this excellent, conservative talk radio station has been a win-win situation for both of us. We’ve catalogued all our ads on our website for three reasons. First, we are proud of our humble efforts and have included a number of our employees and family members as “on air talent” to underscore the fact that we all work together to get the job done…whether moving jets or making commercials. By posting our ads, those who helped in the project have a place to let their friends listen, in case they missed the ads on WBOB when they were actively running. But there is a business motivation, too.

The second reason we’ve posted our ads here is to reach out to some of our business partners to do joint ads with us. That cuts your own advertising costs in half and gives you increased exposure to new markets. Take a look at our joint radio ad project with the Suns at Radio Spot #14 and then click on Video #3 on the Behind the Scenes page of this website. It’s a great demo of businesses working together to do exciting things. The Suns had a substantial increase in program sales as a result of the advertising partnership with us. If you’d like to consider a similar option, listen to the ads we’ve made and see if a particular style appeals to you. We’ll set everything up, let you help write the script and then we’ll go to the” magic studio” at WBOB and just like that you’ll be on the air with us. It’s a hoot and a half to produce your own publicity and the good folks at WBOB are the best in the business at putting it all together.


Here’s a run down of what you’ll hear. Most of the ads are short 30-second spots and won’t take much time at all to listen to. We hope you enjoy it and further hope you’ll partner with us in our future ads.


MACAd1-MMW12-12-11  Our first ad. It simply says who we are, where we go and what we can do for you.

MACAd2Mindy3-17-12  We used our company president, Mindy Malone, for this one and paired it with a news magazine article about her.

MACAd3Josie3-23-12     Mindy’s daughter, Josie, hit a home run with this ad and was discussed in the magazine article, too.

MACAd4MMW5-1-12   A direct message about why it’s a great idea to put your jet under our license.

MACAd5Abby7-20-12    Asked my granddaughter to make what became  a very popular ad about MAC.

MACAd6Don10-1-12      Decided to let one of  our pilots, Don Doan, speak for himself about places to go.

MACAd7Mike10-3-12    Another MAC Captain invites folks to ride with him.

MACAd8WDNC11-29-12   Letting folks know places we can take them when they get a small group of friends together.

MACAdWDFL11-29-12   Letting folks know about another great location to fly to.

MACAd10Leigh3-13-13   Had our lady Captain issue a challenge to her male counterparts.   1-min spot

MACAd11Matt6-17-13  Here we introduce our featured character, Lineguy, in the video series at Behind the Scenes.  1-min spot

MACAd12Ryan6-18-13  Then we introduced our second video character, The Grumpy Mechanic, in the same series.  1-min spot

MACAd13WDMMW6-19-13  This ad summarized the themes spoken by Lineguy and Grumpy.  1-min spot

MACAd14Suns7-3-13  A great reason to partner with MAC to make your next ad. This one worked great. See Video #3.  1-min spot.

MACAd15-RnwyMW9-16-13  This ad begins our campaign to renew a productive discussion about the necessary runway extension at KCRG.

MACAd16_MMW9-25-13   This ad directly gives reasons for companies to put their air assets under Malone Air’s management and subtly refers to the importance of JAXEX at Craig Airport.

MACAd17Flight10-2-13  Congratulations to the winner of our Suns to Miami Flight Giveaway, Kristin Spilling! This ad features Kristin’s dad Tom Schad sharing his experience traveling with his daughter and their party for the Miami Marlins game.

MACAd18CindyOne10-30-13   The runway extension at JAXEX at Craig Airport is long overdue. This ad simply demonstrates the unity of opinion from the air charter companies in seeing the extension approved and completed.

MACAd19Runway/Years11-13-13  This ad emphasizes the length of time it has taken for the runway extension at JAXEX at Craig Airport to become a reality. For more than 20 years, local leadership has failed to address this important issue that would benefit the local economy.

COJAd10RnwyCity Hall121813  This ad is a direct call to action, asking tough questions of city leaders who have not explained why they  refuse to act on the Craig Airport runway extension. Help us as we try to hold accountable those city leaders who choose not to act on this vital issue.

MACAd20BahamasMMW041114-30  This ad emphasizes the benefits of flying with Malone Air Charter to Treasure Cay in the Bahamas. The beauty of the Bahamas’ premier island is a short charter flight away when you fly with Malone Air.

<MACAd21BostonJoe041114-30  There is nothing comfortable about flying with the herd about an overpacked airliner. Malone Air Charter offers the absolute best in personal comfort and service.

MACAd22TeaserMMW111114-30  Malone Air Charter offers a vital service not only to the community around Craig Airport, but to the Jacksonville economy as a whole. Listen to our upcoming ad spots to find out why Malone Air Charter, and Craig Airport, are so important to the well being of the Greater Jacksonville area.
MACAd23TimeFliesMMW011915-60  There is no doubt that “Time flies”, just like Malone Air. In 2015, more people than ever will take their first flight with Malone Air. Also in 2015, Malone Air will help people achieve their dream of flying through their training operation, Sterling Flight Training. Our new partnership with Liberty University will enable us to expand even further the opportunities for people in Jacksonville and beyond.
MACAd24OpenHouseMMW020415-60  We are opening our doors to you so that you can come see the incredible operation at Malone Air Charter. Come take a private and personal tour of Malone Air’s facility as well as Craig Airport.
MACAd25JessicaLiberty041015-60  Sterling Flight Training has partnered with the leading online university in the United States – Liberty University – to provide an incredible opportunity for aspiring pilots. Sterling Flight is now able to offer special programs to work towards your degree from Liberty. Come visit us soon for an Open House to see how Sterling can help your career take flight!
MACAd26mattmike051515-60 Matt Bartle once served as our famous “Line Guy”, but a couple of years later he has advanced in his aviation career and serves as one of our directors. Mike Youngblood is our new “Line Guy, Jr.” and is at the outset of his own career in aviation.
MACAd27MarshallDenise  What you don’t know can hurt you. What many people in Jacksonville don’t know is that the runway extension at Craig Airport would be boost the local economy and bless the local community with new jobs close to their homes. This isn’t just our opinion – listen to local resident Denise Hunt who now understands the opportunity an extended runway would bring.
MACAd28DenisePart2  Denise Hunt is a resident of the Arlington community who once opposed the runway extension at Craig Airport. But after learning the facts behind the extension, she has changed her tune. She is now a staunch supporter of extending the runway and providing opportunity to the people of Jacksonville and Arlington.
MACAd29DenisePart3  In her third ad with Malone Air Charter, Denise makes a plea for Jacksonville city leaders to extend the runway at Craig Airport. She expresses the thoughts of many who feel that Jacksonville is slipping behind other major cities across the country who have already improved their executive airports.
MACAd30CarpeDiem  “Carpe Diem”  it’s a phrase many of us became familiar with thanks to Robin Williams and The Dead Poet’s Society. Carpe Diem simply means “seize the day”. We are asking the city of Jacksonville to seize the opportunity right in front of her – boost the economy and bless the community by extending the runway at Craig Airport.
MACAd30LydiasNewCareer  Lydia, our newest team member at Malone Air Charter and Sterling Flight, left her career in the classroom to launch a career in aviation. Now she is inviting you to explore your options with Sterling Flight Training and Malone Air Charter.
MACAd31Erik2015EndofYear Erik Jones lets everyone know that 2015 was a banner year for Malone Air Charter and Sterling Flight Training. The same opportunities that so many businesses took advantage of in 2015 are there for you in 2016. See how corporate jet management by Malone Air Charter can benefit your company.
MACAd31MerryChristmasFromMalone “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” from Malone Air Charter! We look forward to serving the aviation needs of Jacksonville once again in 2016.
MACAd32BillHayAtRNC  Malone Air Charter is proud to sponsor Bill Hay’s coverage from the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Tune into WBOB the week of July 18-21 and listen to Bill Hay provide first hand accounts of what’s happening behind the scenes at the RNC.

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